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In recent weeks, mortgage rates ticked upward, reacting to fiscal stimulus bill progress and signs of moderate improvement in the economy.MORTGAGE RATES STUCK IN NEUTRAL AMID ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTYKATHY ORTONFEBRUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The greater use of subsidies, however, is a strategy that has consensus support among House and Senate Democrats, from liberals to moderates, though it is opposed by most Republicans.AFFORDABLE CARE ACT SUBSIDIES LIKELY TO INCREASE UNDER CONGRESSIONAL PLANAMY GOLDSTEINFEBRUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
They could moderate everything, or they could moderate nothing, and they still won’t be liable.TWENTY-SIX WORDS CREATED THE INTERNET. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SAVE IT?STEPHEN ENGELBERGFEBRUARY 9, 2021PROPUBLICA
How Nextdoor moderates its content also makes things murkier.HOW THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC BROKE NEXTDOORREBECCA HEILWEILFEBRUARY 9, 2021VOX
In November of that year, Voytek moderated a standing-room-only talk at the Society for Neuroscience conference on how to use it.BRAIN’S ‘BACKGROUND NOISE’ MAY HOLD CLUES TO PERSISTENT MYSTERIESELIZABETH LANDAUFEBRUARY 8, 2021QUANTA MAGAZINE
It is more likely that Google will need to demonstrate efforts to moderate content at scale, and have a mechanism by which content flagged by users or other parties.THE FUTURE OF GOOGLE AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR SEARCHPETE ECKERSLEYFEBRUARY 5, 2021SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
Lee wrote last summer that there were already very few moderate GOP members left, and with high-profile retirements of GOP moderates like Pat Toomey and Rob Portman in the Senate, it does seem as if that wing of the party is shrinking.WHAT DOES IMPEACHMENT AND THE DIVISION OVER MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE AND LIZ CHENEY TELL US ABOUT THE GOP?SARAH FROSTENSON (SARAH.FROSTENSON@ABC.COM)FEBRUARY 3, 2021FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Parler, the tech giants argued, has not done enough to moderate or police content posted there, and was thus in violation of their various terms of service.WHY AMAZON'S MOVE TO DROP PARLER IS A BIG DEAL FOR THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNETALEX FITZPATRICKJANUARY 21, 2021TIME
That’s the demand that government step in and restrict the freedom of private corporations to moderate the platforms they built.THE RIGHT’S MESSAGE TO SILICON VALLEY: 'FREE SPEECH FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE'DAVID FRENCHJANUARY 16, 2021TIME
The recent pandemic relief bill was a gift, albeit an imperfect one, from moderates in both parties.MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: 'US VS. THEM' THINKING IS TEARING AMERICA APART. BUT HERE'S WHY I'M STILL HOPEFUL ABOUT THE FUTUREMADELEINE ALBRIGHTJANUARY 15, 2021TIME


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