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The data is gathered through a mix of weather, gaming and other apps, then bundled and resold by companies to marketers and federal agencies.ICE INVESTIGATORS USED A PRIVATE UTILITY DATABASE COVERING MILLIONS TO PURSUE IMMIGRATION CRIMESDREW HARWELLFEBRUARY 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Let’s see how the three are doing, yank learnings for the mix and then check our gut about what their results might mean for BNPL startups the world ’round.AS BNPL STARTUPS RAISE, A LOOK AT KLARNA, AFFIRM AND AFTERPAY EARNINGSALEX WILHELMFEBRUARY 26, 2021TECHCRUNCH
The decisions could become even more torturous when a third vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson — which is expected to gain regulatory approval this weekend — joins the mix, though with only a trickle of supply at first.VACCINE LOTTERIES AND PERSONAL APPEALS: THE MEDICALLY VULNERABLE FIND THEIR PRIORITY STATUS SLIPPING AWAYLENA H. SUN, ISAAC STANLEY-BECKERFEBRUARY 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
When the pandemic happened, I was almost going to close because I didn’t want to be in the mix of it.HOW THE PASSION OF BBQ SAVED A TOWNJOSHUA EFERIGHEFEBRUARY 26, 2021OZY
The hands-down winner of this chicken derby was the spicy model, which adds a peppery sauce to the mix and proves that it’s still worthy of the 2019 hype.WHERE DOES THE NEW MCDONALD’S CHICKEN SANDWICH RANK? TURNS OUT, THE ARCHES FALL FLAT.EMILY HEILFEBRUARY 25, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Our colder areas might see some snow or sleet mix in with the rain but it shouldn’t amount to anything.D.C.-AREA FORECAST: COOL SUNSHINE THE NEXT TWO DAYS BEFORE PERIODS OF RAIN THIS WEEKENDDAVID STREITFEBRUARY 25, 2021WASHINGTON POST
In the past, a mix of domestic animated movies and foreign films have seen the most success in the country.EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT DEMON SLAYER: THE MANGA, TV SERIES AND RECORD-BREAKING FILMKAT MOONFEBRUARY 24, 2021TIME
Speaking of teams that have a real chance to win it all, Maryland is in that mix, at the top of a hyper-competitive Big Ten conference — and sophomore Diamond Miller’s leap forward is a big reason why.THE PANDEMIC HASN’T STOPPED THESE FOUR RISING STARS IN COLLEGE BASKETBALLHOWARD MEGDALFEBRUARY 23, 2021FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Pick a different handful of universities and you’ll probably find a different mix of approaches and outcomes.HOW 5 UNIVERSITIES TRIED TO HANDLE COVID-19 ON CAMPUSBETSY LADYZHETSFEBRUARY 23, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
For me, the Seltos seemed to be a nice mix of style and substance, with a refreshing bit of whimsy.DRIVING AWAY THE WINTER BLUESJOE PHILLIPSFEBRUARY 21, 2021WASHINGTON BLADE


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