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In a preliminary study that has not yet been reviewed by other researchers, Ristenpart and his team found that homemade cotton masks can shed minuscule particles as people breathe.DUST CAN INFECT ANIMALS WITH FLU, RAISING CORONAVIRUS CONCERNSERIN GARCIA DE JESUSAUGUST 24, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
They are highly susceptible to disturbances from everything from stray magnetic fields to the minuscule imperfections in the control electronics or materials used to build the device.NEW ALGORITHM PAVES THE WAY TOWARDS ERROR-FREE QUANTUM COMPUTINGEDD GENTAUGUST 14, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
They predicted a similarly minuscule drop for September, to just over 10 percent.WHAT ECONOMISTS FEAR WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT MORE UNEMPLOYMENT AIDAMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXAUGUST 11, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Radioactivity revealed a new sort of energy, of vast quantity, hidden within the most minuscule components of matter — the parts that made up atoms.HOW UNDERSTANDING NATURE MADE THE ATOMIC BOMB INEVITABLETOM SIEGFRIEDAUGUST 6, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Here and there, clumps of particles have created galaxies and stars, but these are just minuscule specks on an otherwise unblemished cosmic canvas.BIG BOUNCE SIMULATIONS CHALLENGE THE BIG BANGCHARLIE WOODAUGUST 4, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
None the less it must be said for them that they take fairly good care of their minuscule quadrupeds.COREA OR CHO-SENA (ARNOLD) HENRY SAVAGE-LANDOR
But some confusions of letters occur frequently in copies of uncial originals, and others in copies of minuscule originals.INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF HISTORYCHARLES V. LANGLOIS
It is a large folio, finely written in a neat minuscule, mainly Saxon hand, with uncial initials in two columns.ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTSJOHN W. BRADLEY
It seemed highly unconvincing, later, because some long-delayed perception produced a reaction in the dinies' minuscule brains.ATTENTION SAINT PATRICKWILLIAM FITZGERALD JENKINS
That's not a gigantic number, but it's not a minuscule one, either.LITTLE BROTHERCORY DOCTOROW


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