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On this page you'll find 55 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to mime, such as: comedian, imitator, impersonator, mimic, and pantomimist.

How to use mime in a sentence

  • I do this thing where I hold my breath and turn my face red right before I run across stage to mime throwing up in the trash can.

  • I call him mime advisedly, because he played his part by action more than speaking.

  • Thus, the mime itself is the original form of the drama, which now takes its place beside the epic as a new form of poetry.

  • He gains the sacred hearth, converses with mime, and finally bets him his head that he cannot answer three questions.

    Richard Wagner | John F. Runciman
  • Meantime mime, working on, brews his poisonous broth, muttering to himself about his purpose.

    Richard Wagner | John F. Runciman
  • mime and he dispute angrily: Siegfried is about to slay the dragon, the "Wurm," and the question is who is to have the gold.

    Richard Wagner | John F. Runciman

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