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On average, an estimated 365 microplastic particles per square meter per day rained down on that site during the study period, about as much as falls from the sky in some cities.

Among the 60-plus species of mammals that glide, including several gliders and flying squirrels, Sunda colugos have been recorded gliding as far as 145 meters.

The first time they met, their conversation was so engaging that he had to leave twice to feed the parking meter.

Such cores can be hundreds of meters long, taken up in sections.

If venturing outside, rain, and water sources are no match for its IPX7 waterproof design—it can even survive full submersion in up to a meter of water.

The retailer has given store workers tools to meter shopper traffic.

It is also very small—under the high pressures at which it superconducts, it is about 30 millionths of a meter in diameter.

Advocates say they increase production by up to six times per square meter over conventional farming.

You can see the river’s flow drops dramatically in Yuma, then to about 500 meters per second or 1,650 feet per second.

Rupp began his move into third at 27 minutes and 12 seconds and passed Tariku, and then, with just meters to go, overtook Kenenisa for silver.

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