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We want to be the brand bringing science ancestral wisdom while also actively supporting positive mental well-being and an outer glow.TOWER 28 ANNOUNCES WINNER OF THE CLEAN BEAUTY SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAMHOPE WRIGHTSEPTEMBER 17, 2020ESSENCE.COM
This all had taken a toll on Terry, who had been grappling with his own mental health.THE LAST BAR STANDING?EUGENE ROBINSONSEPTEMBER 15, 2020OZY
The commission stressed that babies resulting from germline edits will have to be followed long term, to better understand any potential health issues—mental or physical—throughout their lives.A CRISPR BABY FUTURE? NEW REPORT OUTLINES PATH TO HUMAN GERMLINE EDITINGSHELLY FANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
This mental competition sets up an arms race—a scenario in which competition causes each side to accumulate potential to damage the other.THE DARK SIDE OF SMART - FACTS SO ROMANTICDIANA FLEISCHMANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020NAUTILUS
The platform will also dive into philanthropy by highlighting local community issues providing mental health services for children as well as residents of public housing.KERBY JEAN-RAYMOND LAUNCH ‘YOUR FRIENDS IN NEW YORK’NANDI HOWARDSEPTEMBER 11, 2020ESSENCE.COM
The Houston Police Department have fired four officers who fatally shot 27-year-old Nicolas Chavez, whose family said he was going through a mental health crisis during the April 21 incident, CNN reports.4 HOUSTON COPS WHO SHOT AND KILLED NICOLAS CHAVEZ FIREDHOPE WRIGHTSEPTEMBER 11, 2020ESSENCE.COM
We think there’s substantial mental health and other challenges with that model.WHY CAN’T SCHOOLS GET WHAT THE N.F.L. HAS? (EP. 431)STEPHEN J. DUBNERSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FREAKONOMICS
We have a specialized kind of mental technology that neither animals nor computers have.TALKING IS THROWING FICTIONAL WORLDS AT ONE ANOTHER - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDEKEVIN BERGERSEPTEMBER 9, 2020NAUTILUS
On a non-panpsychist form of the container view, Reality is a general form of being, which can manifest as either mental or non-mental entities.THE UNIVERSE KNOWS RIGHT FROM WRONG - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDEPHILIP GOFFSEPTEMBER 9, 2020NAUTILUS
If there was one issue that I heard way more about from voters than from reporters, it was mental health.PETE BUTTIGIEG SAYS DEMS DID NOT COORDINATE TO SEAL BIDEN’S PRIMARY WINNICK FOURIEZOSSEPTEMBER 9, 2020OZY


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