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The Ganges swells after monsoons that stretch from July to September and has a menacing look today, so people are avoiding it.WHEN A BODY MEETS A BOATMAN ON THE GANGESEUGENE ROBINSONFEBRUARY 23, 2021OZY
Lee paints Shenzhen, Macau and finally an unnamed valley in Guangdong as the pulsing backdrops for the kinds of very real fortunes being made in China today, and the wild ambitions and audacious brutality of a menacing cast that aspire to them.CHANG-RAE LEE’S ‘MY YEAR ABROAD,’ IS A SWEEPING, TWISTY TALE OF LOVE, FAMILY AND HOPEFRANCES CHAFEBRUARY 18, 2021WASHINGTON POST
She shut down her Twitter account after thousands of menacing tweets jammed her account.THE VACCINE CHAMPIONS IN FRANCE DEFYING DEATH THREATS TO CONVERT ANTI-VAXXERSVIVIENNE WALTFEBRUARY 17, 2021TIME
If you like heart-pounding cat-and-mouse tales, this is your book… only here, you sometimes don’t know which is the cat and there’s an extra, menacing mouse.BEST BOOKS OF 2020TERRI SCHLICHENMEYERJANUARY 10, 2021WASHINGTON BLADE
He saw the Theban Hills rolling their dark, menacing wave along the far horizon.THE WAVEALGERNON BLACKWOOD
A black, menacing wall that rose before us suddenly resolved itself into a grove of trees, great four-foot cottonwoods.RAW GOLDBERTRAND W. SINCLAIR
It was like a child's drawing of a human eye, round, staring, and at the same time infinitely menacing.HOODED DETECTIVE, VOLUME III NO. 2, JANUARY, 1942VARIOUS
And hardly a degree less menacing is this gigantic octapus of labor unionism—of inexcusable socialism.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
She was about to proceed in this somewhat menacing manner, but the captain sprang up, excited, and red in the face.SKIPPER WORSEALEXANDER LANGE KIELLAND
"I also want her," cried out Guy, his eyes all aflame and advancing toward his brother with a menacing look.THE PILGRIM'S SHELL OR FERGAN THE QUARRYMANEUGNE SUE


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