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Yes, a few melodramatic moments disrupt the naturalism midway through the season, and the choice to tease the revelation of an assailant’s identity by repeatedly placing them just outside the frame is a bit cheap.KATE WINSLET'S MARE OF EASTTOWN IS THE RARE CRIME DRAMA THAT CARES ABOUT ITS CHARACTERSJUDY BERMANAPRIL 16, 2021TIME
If that seems melodramatic, perhaps you haven’t been awake this past year, when the way the world is designed became more crucial than ever.PARADISE FOUND?NICK FOURIEZOSFEBRUARY 28, 2021OZY
Here was a melodramatic scene in which he not only was not playing a leading part, but did not even carry a banner.THE JOYOUS ADVENTURES OF ARISTIDE PUJOLWILLIAM J. LOCKE
That is one of the melodramatic bits, said Bobby, weakly, leaning against the wall for support.THE GIRLS OF CENTRAL HIGH ON THE STAGEGERTRUDE W. MORRISON
I know nothing more melodramatic than certain of the plots of Shakespeare's plays.YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
Will anyone suggest to me the marriage of a girl of seventeen with a man over sixty is melodramatic.YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
The tales are told with a calmness and reserve that make most of Poe's seem somewhat boyish and melodramatic by comparison.THE LETTERS OF AMBROSE BIERCEAMBROSE BIERCE
Philippeville, nursed among these glowing African hills, has the look of some bad melodramatic joke.LIPPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE OF POPULAR LITERATURE AND SCIENCE, VOLUME 11, NO. 24, MARCH, 1873VARIOUS
The passage of the Rhine was achieved under the eyes of the monarch with little loss, and melodramatic effect.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOL 58, NO. 357, JULY 1845VARIOUS
The Mexican was a perfect model for a painting of a melodramatic villain.RIDERS OF THE SILENCESJOHN FREDERICK


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