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By some measures, such as the number of people on job retention schemes, the US looks like it’s on a different planet.JOB MARKETS IN THE US AND EUROPE ARE SURPRISINGLY SIMILARDAN KOPFSEPTEMBER 16, 2020QUARTZ
The District of Columbia, home to only around 700,000 residents, actually leads the way by that measure.HOW MUCH CORONAVIRUS RELIEF FUNDING HAS GONE TO YOUR STATE?REYMASHAYEKHISEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
It’s a measure of how likely it is that I would by accident find a difference as big as the one I found here.BUILD ICE TOWERS WITH BOTTLED WATER AND ICEBETHANY BROOKSHIRESEPTEMBER 16, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
Ukraine ranked first worldwide on Chainalysis’s Global Crypto Adoption Index, which includes measures of cryptocurrency value received, exchanged, and deposited.EASTERN EUROPE LEADS THE WORLD IN CRYPTOCURRENCY ADOPTION—LEGAL AND OTHERWISEDZANEMORRISSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
It was vastly more expensive than had the City Council just placed a measure on the ballot.POLITICS REPORT: FORGED FOOTNOTE 15SCOTT LEWIS AND ANDREW KEATTSSEPTEMBER 12, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Of all the measures on this November’s ballot, Yes on Prop 22 has received the most contributions, according to California’s Fair Political Practices Commission.HUMAN CAPITAL: THE BATTLE OVER THE FATE OF GIG WORKERS CONTINUESMEGAN ROSE DICKEYSEPTEMBER 11, 2020TECHCRUNCH
Although these measures might seem simple, they are very effective in reducing transmission of the virus.TRUMP DOWNPLAYED THE THREAT FROM COVID-19. HERE’S HOW WE COULD’VE FOUGHT BACK HARDER.KATE BAGGALEYSEPTEMBER 11, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Our measures of success around ease of use is Apple or Spotify, they are the design standards we should be aspiring to, not a library solution used 10 years ago.AFTER REACHING PROFITABILITY IN 2019, POLITICO EU AIMS FOR 10% REVENUE GROWTH THIS YEARLUCINDA SOUTHERNSEPTEMBER 11, 2020DIGIDAY
I also know that they are under threat more than they ever have been before and that piecemeal measures aren’t going to be enough to help them.HOW WE CAN SAVE SMALL BUSINESS FROM CORONAVIRUS-INDUCED EXTINCTIONMATTHEWHEIMERSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
In a year where physical retail was, by and large, shut for more than three months of the year, more people bought products online and plan to continue doing so even as lockdown measures ease.‘AMAZON IS A BRAND PLAY FOR US’: HOW BUICK IS BUILDING A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP AROUND AMAZON’S AD BUSINESSSEB JOSEPHSEPTEMBER 10, 2020DIGIDAY


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