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Extrapolating from this meager sample to the rest of the world, tiny pebbles from space account for a whopping 5,200 metric tons of weight gain each year, researchers report in the April 15 Earth and Planetary Science Letters.EARTH SWEEPS UP 5,200 TONS OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL DUST EACH YEARSID PERKINSAPRIL 15, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
That’s only fueled concern among US politicians and some industry leaders about the US’s relatively meager domestic manufacturing capacity for these chips, and high-tech manufacturing more broadly.WHY A GLOBAL CHIP SHORTAGE IS SCREWING UP AMERICA’S PICKUP TRUCKSREBECCA HEILWEILAPRIL 9, 2021VOX
He used the proceeds from the scam to supplement his meager $28,000 annual salary.INSIDER TRADING INDICTMENT HIGHLIGHTS CONTACTS WITH BLOOMBERG REPORTERERIK WEMPLEAPRIL 1, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The meager income from washing clothes makes her the sole breadwinner in her family, where there are 12 grandchildren to feed.RODRIGO DUTERTE IS USING ONE OF THE WORLD'S LONGEST COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS TO STRENGTHEN HIS GRIP ON THE PHILIPPINESAIE BALAGTAS SEE / MANILAMARCH 15, 2021TIME
Perversely, limited supply is sometimes the obstacle to faster distribution, health officials say, because there is reluctance to set up vaccination sites and mobilize beleaguered medical workers only to perform a meager number of inoculations.‘PIXIE DUST’: WHY SOME VACCINE SITS ON SHELVES WHILE SHORTAGES INTENSIFY NATIONWIDEISAAC STANLEY-BECKER, LENA H. SUNJANUARY 22, 2021WASHINGTON POST
This report, however, was very meager and lacking in any profusion of mechanical detail.THE WONDER BOOK OF KNOWLEDGEVARIOUS
I have no memory of either parent and my information concerning them is meager and second hand.DAVID LANNARCK, MIDGETGEORGE S. HARNEY
The surname Thin has the same meaning as Meagre, from which the common name Meager comes.STORIES THAT WORDS TELL USELIZABETH O'NEILL
Old Lewson, the man who sat under the apple tree, gave his meager property to his children.A YANKEE FROM THE WESTOPIE READ
A human lamprey, sticking himself always at the thin and meager board of the poor, a vile parasite, but holy!THE ADVENTURES OF KATHLYNHAROLD MACGRATH


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