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We knew the 93rd Academy Awards telecast was going to be different even before the maverick filmmaker Steven Soderbergh signed on to produce it.THE PANDEMIC OSCARS WERE SURPRISINGLY DECENT. BUT WILL THE ACADEMY LEARN ANYTHING FROM ITS BREAK WITH TRADITION?JUDY BERMANAPRIL 26, 2021TIME
You get the feeling of the end of Groucho Marx or Salvador Dali here – a maverick in winter, surrounded by con men selling him off for parts.‘TRUE BELIEVER’ TRIES TO CAPTURE STAN LEE. IT ISN’T EASY.GLEN DAVID GOLDFEBRUARY 18, 2021WASHINGTON POST
You can find more about the latest episode, featuring Binance’s maverick CEO CZ, below.DIGITAL BANKS: FEATURE, PRODUCT OR BUSINESS?JEFFOCTOBER 21, 2020FORTUNE
That might be difficult to conceive at first — Goldwater, “maverick” McCain, and the latter-day celebrity of Sheriff Joe Arpaio have solidified the state as the conservative cowboy of American pop culture.ARIZONA IS THE DEMOCRATS’ PURPLE SPLOTCH IN THE SUNBELTCLARE MALONE (CLARE.MALONE@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)SEPTEMBER 24, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Policies and control processes became so foundational to our work that those who were great at coloring within the lines were promoted, while many creative mavericks felt stifled and went to work elsewhere.WHAT IF YOUR COMPANY HAD NO RULES? (BONUS EPISODE)MARIA KONNIKOVASEPTEMBER 12, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Thats two of them, old Maverick, called Stone, breathing on his smarting right hand.THE NEW BOYS AT OAKDALEMORGAN SCOTT
It was the rule of the cattlemen that a "maverick" belonged to the ranchman on whose range it was found.ROOSEVELT IN THE BAD LANDSH. HAGEDORN.
They say—they think I ought to get married—to Maverick or somebody.THE CUP OF TREMBLING AND OTHER STORIESMARY HALLOCK FOOTE
Maverick, I saw it all, and I can swear it was self-defense.THE CUP OF TREMBLING AND OTHER STORIESMARY HALLOCK FOOTE
Maverick covered her with his coat after she was no longer conscious.THE CUP OF TREMBLING AND OTHER STORIESMARY HALLOCK FOOTE


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