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It will be mature and practical and commercial eventually, but there’s a lot of work to be done still.
Sean, who’s one of the savviest China analysts we know, also argues that over the last five years, China’s equity markets have deepened and matured, leaving China’s emerging tech ventures far less dependent on Western exchanges for raising capital.
Delete or revise your obsolete content, fix technical errors, regularly produce high-quality new content, and that mature, stagnant blog can quickly get back to 20%, 30%, or even higher year-over-year growth in organic search traffic.
One speculation stems from the fact that brain regions controlling how we react to stress are among ones that continue to mature during adolescence.
This new wave of investment—or bubble if you prefer—has echoes of the 2017 craze, but also represents a new phase for the rapidly maturing cryptocurrency industry.
It’s a growing trend as the local box office continues to mature given the shift from quantity to quality that has shown Nigerian movies can compete for eyeballs at local cinemas—a space long dominated mainly by American releases.
Now, as the linear TV business contracts, the CTV market matures and the TV industry shifts to streaming, major media companies accustomed to a seat of power are finding it occupied by the platforms.
Newborn neurons take time to mature and integrate into existing neural circuits, like growing a plant and transplanting it into an established ecosystem.
They take more than a year to mature, and can be kept on farms longer when necessary without sacrificing quality.
Attitudes toward science and scientists often change as kids mature, says Lei.


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