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Freed from those mermaid waves, the hairstyle of choice of countless 50-ish moms, Lovato looks freer and younger, less like a matron in training.IN DEMI LOVATO: DANCING WITH THE DEVIL, THE POP STAR LAYS HER SECRETS BARE, IN A GUARDED WAYSTEPHANIE ZACHAREKMARCH 23, 2021TIME
Elderly matrons—and in Turkey every lady is an elderly matron in her fortieth year—are passionately devoted to this enjoyment.TOBACCO; ITS HISTORY, VARIETIES, CULTURE, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCEE. R. BILLINGS.
Gwynne's disapproval vanished as he shook hands with the blooming young matron and met her bright laughing eyes.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
With these words the matron dropped into her chair, and, once more resting her elbow on the table, thought of her solitary fate.OLIVER TWIST, VOL. II (OF 3)CHARLES DICKENS
The matron expressed her entire concurrence in this intelligible simile, and the beadle went on.OLIVER TWIST, VOL. II (OF 3)CHARLES DICKENS
As he spoke, he drew a chair beside the matron, and tenderly inquired what had happened to distress her.OLIVER TWIST, VOL. II (OF 3)CHARLES DICKENS
That timid matron, overcome by the honour accorded her, sat on the edge of her chair, cup in hand.ELSTER'S FOLLYMRS. HENRY WOOD
Then the young matron advanced along the board walk with a sort of trembling stride.ANCESTORSGERTRUDE ATHERTON
Its very true, youre matron here, my dear, submitted Mr. Bumble; but I thought you mightnt be in the way just then.OLIVER TWIST, VOL. II (OF 3)CHARLES DICKENS
He recovered, however, either through the pious care of the Christian matron Irene, or through the special grace of the Virgin.THE CATACOMBS OF ROMEWILLIAM HENRY WITHROW


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