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We must join to our doctrine political interests which will consolidate it, and keep together the materiel of my armies.CATHERINE DE' MEDICIHONORE DE BALZAC
And if this be so, the question as to what should be the materiel of education, becomes singularly simplified.THE STONES OF VENICE, VOLUME III (OF 3)JOHN RUSKIN
Had the materiel of battle not failed, who can say that the Americans would not have maintained their position?GREAT EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICACHARLES A. GOODRICH
The minister of agriculture has recently established a special laboratory for testing agricultural materiel.SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, NO. 787, JANUARY 31, 1891VARIOUS
In the conduct of hostilities against a strong and determined enemy, men and materiel do not always function at their best.SOUND MILITARY DECISIONU.S. NAVAL WAR COLLEGE
Russia and Holland send naval men to inspect—not our armaments and materiel of hateful war, but—our lifeboat management!BATTLES WITH THE SEAR.M. BALLANTYNE
The sheikh is held in great veneration by all the tribes, who fly to Fellahi at his summons, bringing their own materiel of war.THE MIRROR OF LITERATURE, AMUSEMENT, AND INSTRUCTION, VOL. 20, ISSUE 560, AUGUST 4, 1832VARIOUS
Every thing at this season is, of course, made in an airy style, and of very light materiel.THE INTERNATIONAL MONTHLY, VOLUME 4, NO. 2, SEPTEMBER, 1851VARIOUS
The materiel of artillery employed in modern warfare is divided into two general classes: 1st.ELEMENTS OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCEHENRY WAGER HALLECK
No rolling or levelling of grounds are required, and but a merely nominal expense for materiel.EVERY BOY'S BOOK: A COMPLETE ENCYCLOPDIA OF SPORTS AND AMUSEMENTSVARIOUS


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