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However, they aren’t without their problems—they can get stinky and produce a massive volume of pee that can’t easily be stored, says Jenna Senecal, a researcher studying urine-fertilizer production at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.YOUR PEE COULD BE THE GOLDEN TICKET TO A GREENER WORLDULA CHROBAKNOVEMBER 19, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The added wrinkle in 2020 is that the massive fires across the American West released nearly 200 million more metric tons of carbon dioxide than fires did in 2019.US EMISSIONS PLUMMETED THIS YEAR—FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONSJAMES TEMPLENOVEMBER 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
The ad industry swears by its efficacy — but a massive new study tells a different story.DOES ADVERTISING ACTUALLY WORK? (PART 1: TV) (EP. 440)STEPHEN J. DUBNERNOVEMBER 19, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Our topic today is accelerating disruptive innovations to benefit society by building and running massive simulations.LEVERAGING COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE AND AI TO BENEFIT SOCIETYJASON SPARAPANINOVEMBER 18, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Sports betting operators were willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to eventually capitalize on the massive amounts bettors will end up losing over the long term.FREE MONEY, BIG ADDICTIONS: INSIDE THE BOOMING WORLD OF ONLINE SPORTS BETTINGBRETT HAENSELNOVEMBER 15, 2020FORTUNE
It’s like a big-wave surfer attempting to catch a massive swell, Fiuza says.GIANT LASERS HELP RE-CREATE SUPERNOVAS’ EXPLOSIVE, MYSTERIOUS PHYSICSEMILY CONOVERNOVEMBER 12, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Appreciate luckOnce, we had a massive storm in June, which is midwinter.WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM LIVING IN ANTARCTICA - ISSUE 92: FRONTIERSMARISSA GRUNESNOVEMBER 11, 2020NAUTILUS
The massive investment and coordination required all but ensures that only rich nations are guaranteed access — and even then perhaps only their urban populations.COLD STORAGE REQUIREMENTS WILL CREATE A VAST LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE FOR DISTRIBUTING COVID-19 VACCINEKDUNN6NOVEMBER 11, 2020FORTUNE
Park is trying to re-create the massive forces generated by the exploding stars called supernovas.IN PRAISE OF SERENDIPITY — AND SCIENTIFIC OBSESSIONNANCY SHUTENOVEMBER 6, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
TikTok’s massive audience, many of them teenagers, nevertheless sees the app as an informational free-for-all.HOW VIRAL VIDEOS HELPED BLAST VOTING LIES ACROSS THE WEBDREW HARWELLNOVEMBER 6, 2020WASHINGTON POST


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