Thesaurus / mass


The photo shows a large and dense mass of smoke all over the US' West Coast, all the way down from Oregon to Southern California.
Exceptional continental record of biotic recovery after the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction.
The ambition of the Green Deal will not pan out without mass production.
Unlike many creatures, it survived the massive volcanic eruptions in what’s now Siberia that upset the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and probably triggered the Permian mass extinction about 252 million years ago.
Each of its knobby blooms bursts from the soil as a skirted mass of tiny same-sex nubbins.
Next time, I could weigh my results, and make sure that I poured out the same mass of water each time.
The platform has reached critical mass — now it’s just a question of how businesses will embrace yet another new social platform.
Democratic leaders are still asking for $1 trillion for state and local governments in order to stave off mass public sector layoffs.
That repairing process gives your muscles more mass, which over time makes you stronger.
Solar eddies have much less mass, and the mass moves more slowly.


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