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A good approach is to start with a few desks that get the highest marks from reviewers, and then evaluate those based on your own personal preferences and requirements.BEST ADJUSTABLE DESKS: STAND OR SIT WITH DOUBLE-DUTY OFFICE FURNITUREPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMFEBRUARY 26, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
By reaching those marks, he became the franchise’s first player to drop at least 40 points and 10 assists since Tiny Archibald nearly 50 years ago.DE’AARON FOX ISN’T AN ALL-STAR, BUT HE’S TAKEN THE LEAPJAMES L. JACKSONFEBRUARY 25, 2021FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
That helped show, if nothing else, there was some life left in Roethlisberger’s arm, which was a major question mark at the start of the season.STEELERS SAY THEY WANT TO BRING BEN ROETHLISBERGER BACK, ALTHOUGH CONTRACT REMAINS AN ISSUEDES BIELERFEBRUARY 24, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Facebook has considered the YPG page politically sensitive since at least 2015, emails show, when officials discovered the page was inaccurately marked as verified with a blue check mark.SHERYL SANDBERG AND TOP FACEBOOK EXECS SILENCED AN ENEMY OF TURKEY TO PREVENT A HIT TO THE COMPANY’S BUSINESSBY JACK GILLUM AND JUSTIN ELLIOTTFEBRUARY 24, 2021PROPUBLICA
Since the Vegas Golden Knights joined the league in 2017-18, research has shown luck and talent converge and carry equal impact on the standings at the 56-game mark.A SWITCH TO POINTS PERCENTAGE FOR NHL PLAYOFF SEEDING COULD CAUSE CHAOSNEIL GREENBERGFEBRUARY 19, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Compared with other forecasting teams in the region, our predicted amounts have almost always been among the lowest and closest to reality, even if missing the mark at times.WHY OUR SNOW FORECAST MISSED THE MARK THURSDAY MORNINGJASON SAMENOWFEBRUARY 18, 2021WASHINGTON POST
If there’s one area she could be expected to make a mark as a legislator, Munguia said that history would be significant.POLITICS REPORT: THE SPECIAL ELECTION IS UPON USANDREW KEATTSFEBRUARY 13, 2021VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
After months near those dizzyingly high marks, daily case numbers have fallen dramatically.COVID-19 CASE COUNTS HAVE STARTED FALLING IN THE U.S. THIS MAY BE WHYJAMIE DUCHARMEFEBRUARY 10, 2021TIME
This Super Bowl, the Chiefs reached that mark down 31-9 and obviously done against a defense that already had solved them.NFL DEFENSES NO LONGER DOMINATE, MAKING BUCS’ SHUTDOWN OF CHIEFS EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVECHUCK CULPEPPERFEBRUARY 8, 2021WASHINGTON POST
To test their theory, the team turned to data from the NASA Twin Study, starring astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.BREAKTHROUGH NASA STUDY DISCOVERS SURPRISING KEY TO ASTRONAUTS’ HEALTH IN SPACESHELLY FANDECEMBER 2, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 


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