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The poll finds Biden leads 57 percent to 41 percent among Minnesota likely voters, a 16-point margin that contrasts with Biden’s six-point edge in a Post-ABC poll conducted in Wisconsin over the same period.TRUMP CONTRADICTS CDC DIRECTOR ON VACCINE; BIDEN SAYS AMERICANS SHOULDN’T TRUST TRUMPCOLBY ITKOWITZ, FELICIA SONMEZ, JOHN WAGNERSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Baber, not the auditor, wrote the recommendations, and those that passed did so on thin margins, while others didn’t get enough support to go to the full board.POLITICS REPORT: FORGED FOOTNOTE 15SCOTT LEWIS AND ANDREW KEATTSSEPTEMBER 12, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
In some cases, this uptick was within the polls’ margins of error, but the overall upward trend was still pretty clear.TRUMP AND BIDEN BOTH GOT SMALL CONVENTION BOUNCES. BUT ONLY BIDEN GOT MORE POPULAR.NATHANIEL RAKICH (NATHANIEL.RAKICH@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)SEPTEMBER 11, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
The number of wins divided by the total number of draws represents a simulated probability of a GOP win given the poll’s margin.THE FORECAST: THE METHODOLOGY BEHIND OUR 2020 ELECTION MODELDANIEL MALLOYSEPTEMBER 10, 2020OZY
The Packers are favorites by a razor-thin margin after coming within a game of the Super Bowl last year, though they did little to improve around Aaron Rodgers while the 36-year-old still has good seasons left in the tank.WHAT TO WATCH FOR IN AN ABNORMALLY NORMAL 2020 NFL SEASONNEIL PAINE (NEIL.PAINE@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)SEPTEMBER 9, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
There’s always the chance that it will turn some of those votes at the margins back towards the president or at least get them not to vote.TRUMP’S ‘WRONG TRACK’ GAMBIT: THE PRESIDENT IS BETTING THAT THE WORSE AMERICANS FEEL, THE MORE LIKELY THEY ARE TO REELECT HIMCLEAF2013SEPTEMBER 6, 2020FORTUNE
Walmart, however, is leagues ahead of everybody else because they’ve put in the investment to make the margins on groceries better, he said.‘E-COMMERCE IS EXPENSIVE’: HOW INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE OVERHAULS WILL SAVE RETAILKAYLEIGH BARBERAUGUST 31, 2020DIGIDAY
Over the past several years, the top net margins garnered by the world’s major automakers were in the mid-8% range, posted by BMW and Toyota.TESLA HAS A BUSINESS MODEL PROBLEM: IT CAN NEVER JUSTIFY ITS CURRENT STOCK PRICE BY SIMPLY MAKING CARSSHAWN TULLYAUGUST 29, 2020FORTUNE
This paper was noted here and there on the margin, and had been obviously carefully read.CHECKMATEJOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU
The comparison of the cost of production, therefore, with the value of the raw material, shows a very large margin of profit.ASBESTOSROBERT H. JONES


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