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The tendency to manumit faithful slaves called forth no approbation.HISTORY OF THE NEGRO RACE IN AMERICA FROM 1619 TO 1880. VOL 1GEORGE W. WILLIAMS
To gratify the whims of a whimsical sect, who would have us, not only forbear making more slaves, but even manumit those we have.THE JOURNAL OF NEGRO HISTORY, VOLUME 4, 1919VARIOUS
Did it ever occur to her, that Northerners might go South, and buy a great many of these slaves, and manumit them?AUNT PHILLIS'S CABINMARY H. EASTMAN
Ma is compounded with many words which express action done by the hand; as, manufacture, manumit.LECTURES ON LANGUAGEWILLIAM S. BALCH
To gratify the whim of a whimsical sect, who would have us not only forbear making more slaves, but even manumit those we have.THE COMPLETE WORKS IN PHILOSOPHY, POLITICS AND MORALS OF THE LATE DR. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, [VOL 2 OF 3]BENJAMIN FRANKLIN
For proof: By what law could Paul manumit another man's servant?A DEFENCE OF VIRGINIAROBERT L. DABNEY
Even baptism did not manumit him unless the owner were a Moor or a Jew.A HISTORY OF THE INQUISITION OF SPAIN; VOL. 1HENRY CHARLES LEA
He gave the law, that every shire in the kingdom should annually manumit one thrall.THE STORY OF NORWAYHJALMAR H. BOYESEN
But masters could manumit their slaves, who thus became Roman citizens with some restrictions.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME IIIJOHN LORD
We think, if any manumit, before we license them to part, they do usurp a power is ours by nature.A SELECT COLLECTION OF OLD ENGLISH PLAYS, VOLUME 12 (OF 15)ROBERT DODSLEY


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