Antonyms for mammoths

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Let the elephants and the mammoths of the disorder of life speak!

In other words, they pay no more attention than they can help, even to mammoths.

Mammoths and monsters; truth to tell We find their names too long to spell.

Mammoths were feeding not far away, and beyond were woolly rhinoceroses.

These flints, and no other traces of men, among the bones of mammoths?

A couple of mammoths would have required about twice that amount.

And how long ago were those days of mammoths and reindeer, lions and hyænas?

"I should think a whole herd of mammoths must have perished at once," said Phil.

Mme. d'Aulnoy's run longer; but of course the longest of all are mites to the mammoths of the Scudéry romance.

As for the majority of mammoths, they would not average more than nine or ten feet high.