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One of the main differences between them is that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two shots given several weeks apart, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single shot, which might be more appealing to some people.PFIZER, MODERNA OR MAYBE J&J? RIGHT NOW, THE BEST VACCINE FOR YOU IS THE ONE YOU CAN GET.ALLYSON CHIUFEBRUARY 25, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Though the neighborhood’s main commercial corridor along Roosevelt Road was still thriving, a growing number of homes and buildings in the ward had been neglected or divided up into crowded apartments.THE MURDER CHICAGO DIDN’T WANT TO SOLVEBY MICK DUMKEFEBRUARY 25, 2021PROPUBLICA
They’re trying to figure out the limitations of assembly-line production workers and kind of early on they think fatigue is the main limitation.AM I BORING YOU? (EP. 225 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 25, 2021FREAKONOMICS
The main way it’s spread is by the air, either by larger droplets via close contact, or by smaller droplets called aerosols.WHY ARE WE STILL DISINFECTING SURFACES TO STOP COVID-19?BY HASSAN VALLY/THE CONVERSATIONFEBRUARY 24, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
It comes with four different side compartments to fit smaller essentials as well as a main area for clothing, shoes, a laptop, and other larger items.THE BEST GIFTS FOR TRAVELERS YOU CARE ABOUTPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMFEBRUARY 24, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The main theater building would consist of 14,948 square feet under the revised Clear Space proposal.REHOBOTH THEATER SUPPORTERS HOPEFUL FOR APPROVAL OF NEW BUILDINGSLOU CHIBBARO JR.FEBRUARY 23, 2021WASHINGTON BLADE
Ded Moroz is still the most popular gift-giver in today’s Russia and the New Year is the main winter holiday.HOW SOVIET RUSSIA BANISHED THEIR VERSION OF SANTA CLAUS, THEN BROUGHT HIM BACK TO SPREAD COMMUNIST CHEERMADELINE ROACHEDECEMBER 24, 2020TIME
The main contemporary historical account from the time is the journal of William Bradford, called Of Plymouth Plantation.400 YEARS AFTER THE MAYFLOWER SET SAIL, A NEW EXHIBIT ACKNOWLEDGES THE U.K.'S IMPACT ON NATIVE AMERICAN COMMUNITIESSUYIN HAYNESSEPTEMBER 16, 2020TIME
However, the pilots easily negotiated the landing on a small pinnacle about 60 yards from the main wreckage at the TWA site.THE TRAGIC MID-AIR PLANE CRASH THAT CHANGED THE AMERICAN AVIATION INDUSTRY FOREVEREILEEN BJORKMANSEPTEMBER 1, 2020TIME
While these groups had different objectives and ambitions, sometimes putting them at odds with one another, they all agreed that their main goal—freedom—required enhancing the people’s voice in government.‘FREEDOM’ MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES. HERE’S HOW THE DEFINITION SPLIT—AND WHY THAT STILL MATTERSANNELIEN DE DIJNAUGUST 25, 2020TIME


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