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Whilst we lunched I looked at him when he was not noticing me.

Wrayson lunched at the club that morning, and received a warm greeting from his friends.

The Marchese lunched here alone with us to-day, and it was a fiasco.

If he had lunched at his father's, in the Rue Vieille-du-Temple, he must certainly still be there.

We've lunched twice off it, and money goes quick at the pork-butcher's.

Lunched near the Jain Temple, which contains most curious carvings.

She rose to go, and then she noticed that he had not lunched.

The head-waiter at the hotel knew him, for he had often lunched there.

I had previously lunched with him at his studio and we were very gay then.

No one lunched at the Ffrench home that day, except the servants.


"mid-day repast," 1786, shortened form of luncheon (q.v.). The verb meaning "to take to lunch" (said to be from the noun) also is attested from 1786:

But as late as 1817 the only definition of lunch in Webster's is "a large piece of food." OED says in 1820s the word "was regarded either as a vulgarism, or as a fashionable affectation." Related: Lunched; lunching. Lunch money is attested from 1868; lunch-time (n.) is from 1821; lunch hour is from 1840. Slang phrase out to lunch "insane, stupid, clueless" first recorded 1955, on notion of being "not there." Old English had nonmete "afternoon meal," literally "noon-meat."