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After something of a lull this evening, with at least patchy fog and drizzle possible during that time, we may see precipitation break out again late at night.PM UPDATE: SOME MORE RAIN LIKELY TONIGHT INTO EARLY FRIDAY, THEN CLEARINGIAN LIVINGSTONOCTOBER 29, 2020WASHINGTON POST
After a lull this weekend, there are likely to be a lot of polls the rest of the way out.8 TIPS TO STAY SANE IN THE FINAL 15 DAYS OF THE CAMPAIGNNATE SILVER (NRSILVER@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)OCTOBER 18, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
After a bit of a lull in the spring, Encore and other debt buyers are back at it, filing suits by the thousands every week, according to ProPublica’s analysis of state court filings.DEBT COLLECTORS HAVE MADE A FORTUNE THIS YEAR. NOW THEY’RE COMING FOR MORE.BY PAUL KIEL AND JEFF ERNSTHAUSENOCTOBER 5, 2020PROPUBLICA
Amazon, in essence, created a new shopping holiday to get through the lull.AMAZON FINALLY RELEASED THE DATES OF 2020 PRIME DAYBILLY CADDENSEPTEMBER 28, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
For instance, Louisiana saw a large spike in infections, followed by a lull and then a second spike.POPULATION IMMUNITY IS SLOWING DOWN THE PANDEMIC IN PARTS OF THE USDAVID ROTMANAUGUST 11, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
This treacherous sort of calm, we thought, might forbode a storm, and we did not allow it to lull us into security.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, NO. CCCXXXIX. JANUARY, 1844. VOL. LV.VARIOUS
In a lull of the raging earth the distant whistle of the train could be distinctly heard.A LOST HEROELIZABETH STUART PHELPS WARD AND HERBERT D. WARD
Her fancy selected them, and she was glad when a lull in the music gave them an opportunity to meet her and talk with her.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
Lightning from the east and west accompanied the rain, but the wind was steady, and did not freshen or lull during the showers.NARRATIVE OF A SURVEY OF THE INTERTROPICAL AND WESTERN COASTS OF AUSTRALIA] [VOLUME 2 OF 2]PHILLIP PARKER KING
Taking advantage of the lull, he went over to the door and peered out into the Operations Room.WE'RE FRIENDS, NOWHENRY HASSE


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