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It was four inches deep—lovey this and dovey that till it fairly cloyed one.THE GENTLE ART OF COOKING WIVESELIZABETH STRONG WORTHINGTON
But anyhow, we had one coffin for 'em both, and I opened Lovey's arms and laid the baby in 'em.THE VILLAGE WATCH-TOWER(AKA KATE DOUGLAS RIGGS) KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN
Lovey used to set by the fire, with a tall candle on the light-stand behind her, and a little white knit cape over her shoulders.THE VILLAGE WATCH-TOWER(AKA KATE DOUGLAS RIGGS) KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN
The two roses grow out of one stalk; they'll be Lovey and me, though I'm consid'able more like a potato blossom.THE VILLAGE WATCH-TOWER(AKA KATE DOUGLAS RIGGS) KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN
The girls had grouped themselves around in semi-circle, and even Lovey, the waiting messenger, was for the moment forgotten.THE GIRL SCOUTS AT SEA CRESTLILLIAN GARIS
I expect his attention and respect, and that he shall behave himself; but no lovey and no honey for me now.THE ENTAILED HATGEORGE ALFRED TOWNSEND
"It's not your poor old gran's doing it, my lovey," said old Ma Parker, patting back the damp hair from his little scarlet ears.THE GARDEN PARTYKATHERINE MANSFIELD
A small tract of blown sand lies at the mouth of the river Dovey.ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, 11TH EDITION, VOLUME 5, SLICE 3VARIOUS
I have heard, for instance, about a man named Dovey and a wonderful toy terrier that weighs by ounces.LIFE ON THE STAGECLARA MORRIS
I've seen you all in better days, lovey, and I'm as fond of everything in the house as you are, but I see no way out of it.HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE, JANUARY 11, 1881VARIOUS


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