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On this page you'll find 9 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to longing eye, such as: amorous glance, bedroom eyes, come-hither look, doe eyes, fond look, and glad eye.

How to use longing eye in a sentence

  • Nevertheless she could not help but be interested in him and look at times with a longing eye at his interesting face and figure.

    The "Genius" | Theodore Dreiser
  • Many a longing eye did I cast to the shore, where, in spite of the bloodhounds, I should like to have stretched my cramped limbs.

    Sketches From My Life | Hobart Pasha
  • Mr. Davis grunted, and, with a longing eye at the omnibuses passing over London Bridge, asked a policeman the distance to Clapham.

  • As I looked at it with a longing eye, the lid began to rise, and I beheld a half-boiled turkey stalk majestically forth.

    The Heroine | Eaton Stannard Barrett
  • Farther on, the hills of San Francisco, cottage-crowned and bordered with wharves and warehouses, met his longing eye.

    Legends and Tales | Bret Harte

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