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We typically focus on the most trafficked pages to increase the likelihood of big, impactful wins.HOW TO DRIVE DIGITAL INNOVATION NECESSARY DURING THE PANDEMICNICK CHASINOVSEPTEMBER 16, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
That will also up the likelihood of uncovering material suitable for radiocarbon dating and revealing the age of the earthworks.DRONES FIND SIGNS OF A NATIVE AMERICAN ‘GREAT SETTLEMENT’ BENEATH A KANSAS PASTUREBRUCE BOWERSEPTEMBER 10, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
He says in all likelihood research will confirm the link to climate change in the future, even though there’s not enough evidence right now.SLOW, MEANDERING HURRICANES ARE OFTEN MORE DANGEROUS—AND THEY’RE GETTING MORE COMMONGRETA MORANSEPTEMBER 9, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Not to mention, the likelihood that people can comfortably wear a mask while exercising heavily is pretty slim.THE SAFEST WAYS TO EXERCISE DURING A PANDEMICSARA KILEY WATSONSEPTEMBER 9, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
There is a high likelihood the adverse event will turn out not to be related to the vaccine, he said in an email.SOME SCIENTISTS DOWNPLAY SIGNIFICANCE OF ASTRAZENECA’S COVID-19 VACCINE TRIAL HALTCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERSEPTEMBER 9, 2020FORTUNE
If something bad happens, such as a disease or a lack of food, there’s a higher likelihood that some of the animals will carry genes that will protect them or help them adapt.ARE COYOTES MOVING INTO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?KATHRYN HULICKSEPTEMBER 3, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
If you get that structural change, that’s when you’ve got a likelihood of real restructuring, of real forward-looking policies coming.WANT TO SEE JAPAN’S FUTURE? LOOK PAST SHINZO ABE’S IMMEDIATE SUCCESSOR, ECONOMIST SAYSVETA CHANSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FORTUNE
Policymakers have a role to play and can actively shape the likelihood and severity of supply chain shocks.COVID-19 AND CLIMATE CHANGE EXPOSE THE DANGERS OF UNSTABLE SUPPLY CHAINSMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 27, 2020FORTUNE
If there’s anything else in your pocket, the likelihood of dropping either your mask or that other item increases significantly.6 WAYS TO CARRY YOUR MASK WHILE RUNNINGJOE JACKSONAUGUST 24, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
Company executives have also recently floated the likelihood of branch closures and other spending reductions in an effort to save money.WELLS FARGO CUTS JOBS AS THE PANDEMIC AND PENALTIES FOR PAST SCANDALS TAKE THEIR TOLLREYMASHAYEKHIAUGUST 21, 2020FORTUNE


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