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I’ve mostly stuck to pedal kayaks because they are lightweight, and more reliable because they are powered by me—not electronics.THIS MOTORIZED KAYAK CAN DRIVE ITSELFBY NATE MATTHEWS/OUTDOOR LIFEAUGUST 28, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
It is lightweight, low-profile, 100% waterproof, and has a 5-day battery life.PROJECT PR: THE PERSONALIZED RECOVERY STUDYOUTSIDE EDITORSAUGUST 28, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
You also wanted your pen to be lightweight and easy to move between rooms.CAN YOU COVER THE GLOBE?ZACH WISSNER-GROSSAUGUST 28, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
It’s lightweight at just 22 pounds and the side handles make it easy to carry.MAKE EVERY PROJECT A BREEZE WITH THE RIGHT MITER SAWPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMAUGUST 26, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The medical kit that astronauts use to patch each other up will have to be lightweight and compact.WHAT WILL ASTRONAUTS NEED TO SURVIVE THE DANGEROUS JOURNEY TO MARS?MARIA TEMMINGJULY 15, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Two sets of nuclear fusion reactions predominate in the sun’s core and both produce the lightweight subatomic particles in abundance.PHYSICISTS SPOT A NEW CLASS OF NEUTRINOS FROM THE SUNEMILY CONOVERJUNE 24, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Another possible explanation for the extra events is impact from lightweight particles called neutrinos.AN UNEXPECTED RESULT FROM A DARK MATTER EXPERIMENT MAY SIGNAL NEW PARTICLESEMILY CONOVERJUNE 17, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Plus, it’s lightweight because a lot of the water has been removed.SILK CAN BE MOLDED INTO STRONG MEDICAL IMPLANTSSID PERKINSAPRIL 2, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
You do have a recollection that those rods were a very lightweight metal?WARREN COMMISSION (3 OF 26): HEARINGS VOL. III (OF 15)THE PRESIDENT'S COMMISSION ON THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY
Light as a lightweight acrobat Ahmet Ali had rolled aside, put palm to ground, sprung to his feet.THE WIND BLOWETHBRIAN OSWALD DONN-BYRNE


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