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“She was cute, and I could see she was nice,” Ross said, noting how much she and her 10-year-old daughter enjoy taking the dog on walks and getting licks.SO MANY PETS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED DURING THE PANDEMIC THAT SHELTERS ARE RUNNING OUTDANA HEDGPETHJANUARY 6, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Since these “greeting licks” are often accompanied by wagging tails, mouths playfully open, and general excitement, it is not a stretch to say that the licks are a way to express happiness that you have returned.FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR DOG (EP. 436)STEPHEN J. DUBNEROCTOBER 22, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Well, thinks I, this is no joke sure, at this lick I'll have family enuff to do me in a few years.THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
Why, Dan Daly and half a dozen of our fellows would lick the whole crowd.YOUNG GLORY AND THE SPANISH CRUISERWALTER FENTON MOTT
Then they came back to where their friend lay on the ground, and began to talk with him and lick his face.STORIES THE IROQUOIS TELL THEIR CHILDRENMABEL POWERS
He stooped and stroked the little animal, who stood on ridiculous hind-legs, straining to lick his hand.THE CREATORSMAY SINCLAIR
He wudden't know whether I swept or dusted rightly, or whether I gave the place a lick and a promise.IN THE ONYX LOBBYCAROLYN WELLS
And not a savage had shown himself with the exception of the one who had counted coup at the lick-block.A VIRGINIA SCOUTHUGH PENDEXTER
As the animals drew near the cabins and showed an inclination to visit the lick-block a volley from the Indians sent one down.A VIRGINIA SCOUTHUGH PENDEXTER
Better were it for the Swedes to stay at home and lick the blood from their bowls than to board the Serpent under thy weapons.THE SAGAS OF OLAF TRYGGVASON AND OF HARALD THE TYRANT (HARALD HAARDRAADE)SNORRI STURLUSON


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