Antonyms for liberals

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Tories and Liberals knew he had not shrunk from meeting the public on this question.

It was found that ninety-three Liberals had voted with the majority.

The agricultural districts were faithful to the Liberals, but they lost in the boroughs.

It is a real drawback to us Liberals that they are so weak, so negligible.

And it was so easy to satisfy (p. 324) and hush the Mexican liberals.

Balfour had a look at the Liberals, and then he turned to his own back-benches and had a look at the Tories.

I've always said that the Tories have the courage of the Liberals' convictions!

Conservatism was out of favour just then, and the Liberals were in power.

How is it possible for Liberals and Conservatives to join hands, as you call it?

And there you sit, you Liberals, and pretend to encourage these people!