Antonyms for leviathans

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At the Burned Rock Pool we caught our lunch fish from the ranks of leviathans.

For a Khan of the plank, and a king of the sea, and a great lord of Leviathans was Ahab.

He's one of the leviathans now--had a fifty thousand book on the Derby.

But the booksellers, sir,—they are leviathans—they roll in seas of gold.

Yet to us, striving with all the skill we possess, appeared none of these leviathans.

In the mean while, it will be necessary to propitiate the Leviathans of Paternoster Row.

Another of our leviathans came in this morning to coal, the "Mauretania," a Cunarder like ourselves.

I meet double-runners on the hills sometimes now-a-days, but not the leviathans of old.

No, never till then had I known what leviathans lie hid within the deeps.

After a moment the great brown logs rose suddenly to the surface from below, one after the other, like leviathans of the deep.