Thesaurus / levering
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


They wonder why Democrats would clip their own wings while they control all the levers in Richmond — in an election year with the House and governorship up for grabs.
Sometimes, you’ll have to use your eagle to slide a target in place or to set a weight down on a lever.
It’s got a motion sensor that allows you to turn on the faucet without touching the lever and can connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, meaning you can control the flow of water with your voice.
Another special feature of this toaster is the “lift and look” lever, which allows you to check your toast without stopping the heating process.
It has all the slicing and shredding capabilities one might expect from a food processor in this class, but it also features a unique thickness adjustment lever above the control panel that allows for granular control of the size of your cuts.
A handful of people, in a handful of companies, in one state, in a single country have their hands on levers that can—and do—direct the attention of a few billion people around the world.
I’ve struggled with it on and off, but lately it’s been rough as clients are trying to hit aggressive sales goals and they’re leaning on you harder because they don’t have any other levers to pull so it creates a high pressure environment.
Yours,' he said, mechanically, and held out the handkerchief to Miss Levering.
Miss Levering glances at the clock as she rises to go upstairs.
"Immensely considerate of you to come," puffed Sir Tobias, levering himself out of his chair in order that he might shake hands.