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Seven women have gone public with descriptions of creepy behavior — unwanted touching, leering looks, sexually loaded commentary — for which the governor was forced to apologize, although he maintains it was “unintentional.”ANDREW CUOMO IS PLUMMETING, AND THERE’S NO ONE LEFT TO CATCH HIMDAVID VON DREHLEMARCH 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
He told me he’d become painfully aware of “his leer” on Zoom meetings, so he did his best to smile and not talk with his mouth full — awkward on any date, but even more off-putting over video chat.DATE LAB: MARIAH CAREY. ALLIGATORS. UROLOGY. IS THIS ANY WAY TO START A ROMANCE?DAMONA HOFFMANJANUARY 21, 2021WASHINGTON POST
"It is magnificent to be such a willing—" added Schliemann, sidling up to him with a dreadful leer on his face.THREE MORE JOHN SILENCE STORIESALGERNON BLACKWOOD
The captain closed one eye, and a leer of subtle cunning overspread his face.ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI
Yezid grinned more savagely than ever; and Mary closed her eyes that she might not see his leer.GOD WILLS IT!WILLIAM STEARNS DAVIS
And by the door stood Billy, watching them all like an evil spirit, with a leer of saturnine malice on his evil face.ERIC, OR LITTLE BY LITTLEFREDERIC W. FARRAR
"A girl with that beautiful face and form need never starve," returned the old miser, with a significant leer.THEY LOOKED AND LOVEDMRS. ALEX MCVEIGH MILLER
He made no attempt to rise when Richard entered, but waved his pipe flightily in the air, and gave a leer of welcome.TALES AND FANTASIESROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON
It was a loutish figure and a singularly repulsive face that I saw, and he gave me the benefit of a very unpleasant leer.MASTERPIECES OF MYSTERY, VOL. 1 (OF 4)VARIOUS
"Merely that he is in hiding—with the lady," said Spivak with a leer.THE SECRET WITNESSGEORGE GIBBS


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dissilientadjective | [dih-sil-ee-uhnt ]SEE DEFINITION