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On this page you'll find 154 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to leanto, such as: cabin, cottage, hut, lean-to, shed, and shelter.

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  • The camp was simply a shed or leanto, open on one side, and in front of this shed the fire was built of beech and maple logs.

    Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper | Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock
  • Be careful not to set the leanto on fire with the sparks from your camp fire.

    Outdoor Sports and Games | Claude H. Miller
  • With this kind of a fire and with a leanto, it is possible to keep warm in the woods, on the coldest, night in winter.

    Outdoor Sports and Games | Claude H. Miller
  • This is the way to build a brush leanto: First cut two sticks and drive them into the ground.

    Outdoor Sports and Games | Claude H. Miller
  • An open window, a leanto roof, a trellis and a high fence,—no decent prisoner could help escaping.

    Stage-coach and Tavern Days | Alice Morse Earle

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