Antonyms for layering

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Layering is a simple method by which plants may be multiplied.

They can be propagated by layering, which is rather a slow method, or rapidly by seed.

The summer is the best period for layering the young shoots.

The drawback is that fewer plants can be obtained by layering than from cuttings with a given amount of wood.

The essentials of layering have been given, but a number of non-essentials may be helpful under some conditions.

In nursery practice, Rotundifolia vines are trained along the ground for layering.

They then resorted to grafting and layering, with much better success.

The following year the vineyard can be made to pay all expenses, by layering, etc.

The best season for layering is the summer, from the end of June to the end of August; and, for some varieties, even later.

It may be increased by layering, or by cuttings placed in sand under glass and subjected to heat.