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It may actually have a label saying “Audio & Subtitles,” depending on your device.LEARN HOW TO ADD CLOSED CAPTIONS TO VIDEO CALLS, NETFLIX, AND MOREDAVID NIELDAUGUST 28, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
A real scientific test would be to clip out the horoscopes and cut off the labels so you don’t know which signs are connected to which predictions.HOW PSEUDOSCIENTISTS GET AWAY WITH IT - FACTS SO ROMANTICSTUART FIRESTEINAUGUST 28, 2020NAUTILUS
It was the Hertz situation that kicked off a project to introduce “safety labels” within the company.PUBLIC, A STOCK TRADING APP, GETS A SEVEN-FIGURE CHECK FROM SCOTT GALLOWAYLUCINDA SHENAUGUST 25, 2020FORTUNE
That’s a label that has traditionally been claimed by Republican politicians.BRYNNE KENNEDY COULD BE THE FIRST FEMALE TECH FOUNDER TO SERVE IN CONGRESSEHINCHLIFFEAUGUST 24, 2020FORTUNE
While 2-D X-rays of each specimen existed, little information existed beyond generic animal labels.X-RAYS REVEAL WHAT ANCIENT ANIMAL MUMMIES KEEP UNDER WRAPSHELEN THOMPSONAUGUST 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Before Olivia Travel, Dlugacz co-founded Olivia Records, a groundbreaking label.POWER COUPLE WORKING TO ELECT BIDENPETER ROSENSTEINAUGUST 20, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Frege thought that the application of number labels depends on being able to grasp the connection between what is being counted and how many of them there are.ANIMALS THAT CAN DO MATH UNDERSTAND MORE LANGUAGE THAN WE THINKERIK NELSONJUNE 14, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
Often, a campaign is running but a server is not configured to process the labels of advertising systems.HOW TO INCREASE ONLINE SALES IN THREE EASY STEPS THROUGH PPC ADSINNA YATSYNAMAY 11, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
It’s really to make sure that we’re keeping the information out there accurate and that what is available to consumers and what is being shown to consumers on labels is accurate to what the product actually is.THE FUTURE OF MEAT (EP. 367 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERAUGUST 29, 2019FREAKONOMICS
Each picture bore a label, giving a true description of the once-honoured gem.THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME I (OF 3)CHARLES JAMES WILLS


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