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Keens and I then went towards the Tower, and stepped into a gunsmiths shop, and stopped some time.

"Some might think so," replied Mrs. Keens, stopping her wringer to reflect a little.

Unlike Mrs. Davids, Mrs. Keens neither pitied herself nor would allow anybody else to do so.

The keeners may or may not be professional, and the keens are more often of a traditional than of an improvised description.

The Albanian keens are not always versified; 376 they sometimes consist simply in the endless reiteration of a single phrase.

We trusted to his judgment just like him and Mac would of trusted me to tell the taxi-driver where to go from Keens.


c.1200, from Old English cene "bold brave," later "clever, wise," from Proto-Germanic *kan- "be able to" (see can). Original prehistoric senses seem to have been both "brave" and "skilled;" cognate with Old Norse kænn "skillful, wise," Middle Dutch coene "bold," Dutch koen, Old High German kuon "pugnacious, strong," German kühn "bold, daring." Sense of "eager" is from mid-14c. The meaning "sharp" is peculiar to English: of blades and edges early 13c., of sounds c.1400, of eyesight c.1720. A popular word of approval in teenager and student slang from c.1900.