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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


The ice was too thin to bear and too thick to set the kayaks through, even if we should mend them.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

All the kayaks were well out of gunshot range when the shore was reached, except one which lagged behind.

The Walrus HuntersR.M. Ballantyne

The two men remain a week in a camp to make their kayaks seaworthy.

From Pole to PoleSven Anders Hedin

Sverdrup is sewing bags or bolsters to put on the sledges as beds for the kayaks to rest on.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

Several of them, and among them our friend Uttakiyok, followed us in their kayaks to the mouth of the river.

It is unfortunate that the lanes are covered with young ice, which it would be disastrous to put the kayaks through.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

So, at last, what we have so often been threatened with has come to pass: we must set to work and make our kayaks seaworthy.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

Only let us soon have water, so that we can use our kayaks, and it will not be long before we are home.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

It begins to be too much of a good thing when even the kayaks take to flying about in the air.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen

If they happen to be met with on the water they are encircled by kayaks and driven towards the shore, one boat leading.