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This being the case, how can they be descended from German or Danish Jutes?

What are the reasons for connecting these with the Jutes and Angles of Beda?

That the geographical locality of the Jutes was the Peninsula of Jutland.

But if the Jutes were not distinct from the Danes, then we have an argument against the "Jute-theory."

For it is not necessary to assume that Frisians are called Eotenas or Jutes.

That the King of Frisia should have had Jutes under his rule is likely enough.

We should gather from Widsith that the Jutes were concerned in the Finnsburg business.

To this, at any rate, the Gtar were more exposed than the Jutes.

These three tribes are the Jutes, the English, and the Saxons.

Far other than these, their neighbour Saxons, Jutes and Angles!