[ joo-lee-uh t, -et, joo-lee-et; especially for 1 jool-yuh t ]SEE DEFINITION OF juliets

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But all these matters were as nothing when compared with the rival Romeos and Juliets.

They waken the Juliets just a moment too late to save the Romeos and themselves.

Losing half the scouts in a whirlpool because of a silly notion of Juliets?

The third was a pair of Juliets, lined with fur, and oceans too big for me.

Look at the machines, the action of the piston and the cylinder; Romeos of steel and Juliets of cast iron.

There was no balcony to go forth upon, and these were not sweet musings like Juliets, but fiery discontented thoughts.

It is no more Juliets house than Juliets tomb is the tomb of Juliet.

It may be added that, if not dramatic propriety, at least the interest of the character, is affected by some of Juliets allusions.

In those days she had, perhaps, never heard the remark of Mademoiselle Mars, who was the most charming of Juliets at sixty.

More certainty is attached to what is shown at a different part of the town as Juliets window; but, alas for the romance!