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The viral fingerprints in this internal CRISPR library can then be weaponized, making small pieces of RNA that function as molecular GPS devices to guide a protein called Cas9 to the genome of an invading virus, which it snips in two.
These work by injecting a piece of genetic material into a person’s body that contains instructions for how to create the spike protein, the signature mechanism the coronavirus uses to invade its victim’s cells.
Highs are likely to start the day in the 50s but end in the 40s as colder air invades.
While she had previously been healthy, the virus aggressively invaded her body, and her doctors soon told us there was nothing they could do.
Once created, the immune system reacts to these proteins, generating protection against the virus if it ever invades a person’s body.
After the worms invaded, there was more nitrogen and less carbon, they found.
There was a time when misinformation was thought of as something that fought its way from the fringes into the mainstream, as if it lived in a darker parallel reality that was waiting to invade our own.
In four incursions, researchers caught invading mole-rats in the act, and in three of those, the bigger colony was doing the invading.
Finally, as things get really weird, the two agree to turn on their phones and realize that killer pouffes have invaded New York—and that the furry footstool is not a furry footstool.
In a study published in February, his team found that when a two-microbe ecosystem was briefly invaded by a third species, the dominant strain in the ecosystem often switched.


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