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The lawsuit’s introduction also contains a portion “The New Colossus,” an Emma Lazarus poem inscribed on a plaque placed on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal.ADVOCACY GROUPS FILE LAWSUIT AGAINST ‘DEATH TO ASYLUM’ RULEMICHAEL K. LAVERSDECEMBER 21, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Today, a granite tombstone inscribed with names of the dead sits atop the site, surrounded by a chain-link fence.A SOUTH DAKOTA STORY: ANDREW JACKSON, INDIAN KILLEREUGENE ROBINSONNOVEMBER 26, 2020OZY
Other discoveries at Gath include a pottery fragment inscribed with two names possibly related to the name Goliath.THE BIBLICAL WARRIOR GOLIATH MAY NOT HAVE BEEN SO GIANT AFTER ALLBRUCE BOWERNOVEMBER 23, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
By focusing on race as a category, Airbnb has inscribed the mental tricks of racecraft into its project.WHAT’S MISSING FROM CORPORATE STATEMENTS ON RACIAL INJUSTICE? THE REAL CAUSE OF RACISM.AMY NORDRUMSEPTEMBER 5, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
And he himself choose a given private «Watchword» (Losungswort) and inscribe it in the appointed place in the counter-certificate.SOCIAL COMPTABILISM, CHEQUE AND CLEARING SERVICE & PROPOSED LAWERNEST SOLVAY
The nations who rove over the western prairies, inscribe them on the skins of the buffalo.THE INDIAN IN HIS WIGWAMHENRY R. SCHOOLCRAFT
Will that wing of the Prohibition army which accepts the Bible as its guide inscribe these texts upon its banner?THE BIBLEJOHN E. REMSBURG
It is enough to inscribe on the mausoleum of any man, that "he rescued his country from a Democracy!"BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOLUME 57, NO. 354, APRIL 1845VARIOUS
If there be any on which we dare not inscribe it, they are not for us.THE EXPOSITOR'S BIBLE: COLOSSIANS AND PHILEMONALEXANDER MACLAREN
Is it, heraldically speaking, wrong to inscribe the motto upon a circle (not a garter) or ribbon round the shield?NOTES AND QUERIES, NUMBER 189, JUNE 11, 1853VARIOUS


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