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One board member warned that while the proposals “sound innocuous,” they could result in “all sorts of bad law” being forced upon the program.
Such a framing, which exposes the human costs of restrictive voting laws, paints a compelling case for making it easier to vote and for why provisions that may seem innocuous on their face can do grave harm to our most sacred principles.
The image results for boys are mostly innocuous, whereas the results for girls are dominated by sexualized imagery.
I apologized profusely on behalf of my mother to the parents, ashamed to have complained about what they, and consequently, I, believed to be an innocuous children’s game.
So she didn’t think much of it when she posted what she thought was an innocuous tweet to her 800 or so followers, praising a line from Marvel’s latest hit show, “WandaVision.”
The network has for days been railing against what it depicts as the latest example of “cancel culture,” a condition in which oversensitive people, generally liberals, take great offense at something innocuous and cause that thing to be censored.
I wonder if you would have eschewed the harmless, necessary tub and danced upon the broken bones of the innocuous toothbrush.
They transgressed only to the innocuous extent of smuggling moneyed stowaways and contraband goods.
Having no means the Commission could do absolutely nothing, and hence may be said to be in a state of "innocuous desuetude."
Dr. Grassi mentions an innocuous and yet conclusive experiment that every one can try.


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