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Gloria said he hasn’t taken a mask mandate off the table but hopes it doesn’t come to that, because there’s not widespread agreement that punishing people individually is needed to contain the spread of the virus.
There is also less communication between teachers and specialists who usually take students out of class to work with them individually.
If you are printing on the go, you’ll need to be prepared to carry paper with you separately, because portable printers don’t have paper trays—you feed each sheet individually.
The G413 is a budget-friendly option for gamers that features media shortcut keys and USB passthrough for connecting to a mouse as well as individually backlit keys.
I think we have to start realizing who we are and realizing our roles individually.
Donations from people who gave less than $200 are excluded, because those donations are not required to be reported individually in FEC data.
Some megachurches and large Catholic organizations received multimillion-dollar loans individually.
Under the protocols, each case is reviewed individually with the contact tracing group and physicians.
It’s a group project that everyone in the video worked on individually, which makes its success all the more impressive.
“Our office is happy to meet with you individually, but this is not something we would discuss in open session,” said Katherine Jackson, program manager for San Diego’s Office of Homeland Security.


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