[ in-kahr-nuh-dahyn, -din, -deen ]SEE DEFINITION OF incarnadined

Antonyms for incarnadined

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


He wiped his brow and looked at his handkerchief as though expecting to see it incarnadined.

Leaving this tank choked with death and incarnadined with royal blood, he went on his way as if nothing particular had happened.

Too often commerce and conquest moved hand in hand, and the colony was incarnadined with blood.

Distant buildings caught the quivering iridescence, and were incarnadined with the play of crimson light.

The blood alone that has incarnadined all lands is worth vastly more than the dead soil into which it has been poured.

It overspread his high, bald, intellectual forehead, and incarnadined his sconce up to the very top of it.

She turned away from the window where she had been looking at the incarnadined disk, and she thought she saw Bart turn pale.

Then, as the darkness began to overlay it, it grew dusky and yet duskier, till the incarnadined air was robbed of its glories.

The firelight played upon her half-averted face, twisted shadows into the sheen of her hair, incarnadined her smooth cheek.

As it is you're more like a fat-headed flock o' incarnadined crows split-armin' over a furrow in a ploughed field.