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The researchers say this is a proof of principle that the xenobots can be imbued with a molecular memory, and future work could allow them to record multiple stimuli and potentially even react to them.XENOBOTS 2.0: THESE LIVING ROBOTS SELF-ASSEMBLE FROM FROG SKIN CELLSEDD GENTAPRIL 2, 2021SINGULARITY HUB 
Some of us may be morally self-assured, imbued with heroic purpose.MY VIOLENT ASSAULT, THE BYSTANDERS WHO DID NOTHING, AND WHAT IT MEANS TO BEAR WITNESSKIM LEAPRIL 2, 2021VOX
It’s a maxim that has imbued Scottoline’s novels with authenticity and relevance ever since her first, “Everywhere That Mary Went,” was published in 1994.LISA SCOTTOLINE’S LATEST NOVEL, ‘ETERNAL,’ IS NOT A THRILLER BUT IS THRILLING NONETHELESSCAROL MEMMOTTAPRIL 1, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The beef at Ada’s is all prime and dry-aged, a process that imbues the steaks with a subtle mineral tang.A POTOMAC VIEW MEETS POLISHED COOKING AT ADA’S ON THE RIVER IN ALEXANDRIATOM SIETSEMAMARCH 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Australian red table wines offer accessible, vibrant fruitiness, but they’re also known for zesty baking spice notes, qualities that are picked up by the spirit as they absorb the wine that’s imbued in the oak.SIX GREAT WHISKIES FROM AROUND THE WORLDLIZA WEISSTUCHMARCH 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
We are each imbued with qualities, quirks, habits and eccentricities that make us uniquely us.HABIT FORMING: HERE ARE SOME OF THE QUIRKS THAT MAKE THESE READERS UNIQUEJOHN KELLYFEBRUARY 7, 2021WASHINGTON POST
And this effect of the law tends to imbue the proprietors with corresponding sentiments and feelings.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOLUME 64, NO. 393, JULY 1848VARIOUS
And more specifically he must imbue himself with the spirit of the childlike literature.LITERATURE IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLPORTER LANDER MACCLINTOCK
But even if it would not expose itself, it would be infinitely best to imbue it with righteous principle.AIMS AND AIDS FOR GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMENGEORGE SUMNER WEAVER
Lastly, General Ptain managed to imbue all ranks with his energy and faith, and the enemy's drive was stopped.VERDUN ARGONNE-METZ 1914-1918ANONYMOUS


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