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Little countered by saying the offline inspections can often include the evaluation of more hog carcasses than the traditional plants do.
Whenever there was a dispute, the workers could stop the line, threatening to let the hog carcasses rot until the company resolved their grievance.
During a dispute, they could simply stop the line, threatening to let the hog carcasses rot until the company met their demands.
In fact, for decades now, there’s been a push to industrialize hog farming in China, and these technologies were an attempt to produce even more pigs at an unprecedented scale.
Data centers are energy hogs, with their cooling needs—those servers give off a lot of heat—accounting for as much as 40% of consumption.
His duty it was to stand at the head of the scalding trough, watch in hand, to "time" the length of the scald, crying "Hog in!"
The rope from his middle, a bottle of sack from his bosom, and a link of hog's puddings, pulled out of his left sleeve.
There wasnt time for the Irishman to dodge; but he did spread his legs, and the angry mother-hog ran between them.
The girls, who were nearest the end of the lake, watched Patrick and the old hog in amazement.
There is an old mother hog that has gotten quite wild, and has a litter of young ones with her that are hard to catch.


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