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Before five minutes were over the hinds had come so near as to be almost touching me.

"Yeigh, yeigh, we aw meant to say 'yeasterly,'" added the hinds.

The Lancashire WitchesWilliam Harrison Ainsworth

There had been but little change in the Hinds House in a year.

Often the noise of thunder, and the fear which results from it, causes the miscarriage of hinds, and particularly of lambs.

Thunder and LightningCamille Flammarion

If you go away for a few weeks and live among simple fishermen or hinds you become proud of your countrymen.

The ChequersJames Runciman

Ordinarily, there are dwellings for five or six hinds, besides one for the grieve or overseer.

We also saw for the first time two bands of hinds, one of six with two small very young stags and one of four.

The buck halted, but the hinds came on till within a few feet of me.

He maketh his feet like hinds' feet: And setteth me upon my high places.

He sent me Not to caress these hinds, to soothe or nurse them: Obedience is the word!

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