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On this page you'll find 90 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to hee-haw, such as: laughter, howl, laugh, howling, roar, and shout.

How to use hee-haw in a sentence

  • During the second day her burro gave a rasping bray, and a hee-haw answered from the bush.

  • So she presented him with an ass out of the stable, and he had but to pull Neddy's ears to make him begin at once to hee-haw!

    English Fairy Tales | Flora Annie Steel
  • Along about midnight, I suppose, I dropped off into a doze, for the first thing I heard was the hee-haw of a mule right in my ear.

    Bob Hampton of Placer | Randall Parrish
  • But instead of sighs and lamentations they could only bray like asses; and they brayed loudly and said in chorus: "hee-haw!"

    Pinocchio | C. Collodi
  • At last the poor donkey could stand no more and, lifting his head, he uttered a loud “hee-haw!”

    Beasts & Men | Jean de Bosschre

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