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Instead, many of these hardy organisms rely on rocks and water to survive, scientists reported on December 21 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.GLACIER-DWELLING BACTERIA THRIVE ON CHEMICAL ENERGY DERIVED FROM ROCKS AND WATERKATE BAGGALEYDECEMBER 30, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
He says that as a sign that maybe even these hardy invaders have their limits.JUMPING ‘SNAKE WORMS’ ARE INVADING U.S. FORESTSMEGAN SEVERNOVEMBER 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
A salt solution keeps the nerves functioning as they would if the nerves were in a live fish, Hardy says.A FISH’S FINS MAY BE AS SENSITIVE TO TOUCH AS FINGERTIPSCAROLYN WILKENOVEMBER 3, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Long-term monitoring of the restored seagrass beds reveals a remarkably hardy ecosystem that is trapping carbon and nitrogen that would otherwise contribute to global warming and pollution, the team reports October 7 in Science Advances.HOW PLANTING 70 MILLION EELGRASS SEEDS LED TO AN ECOSYSTEM’S RAPID RECOVERYJOSEPH POLIDOROOCTOBER 14, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Perhaps that’s a hopeful sign that even these hardy worms have their limits, but in the meantime, the onslaught of worms continues its march — with help from the humans who spread them.INVASIVE JUMPING WORMS DAMAGE U.S. SOIL AND THREATEN FORESTSMEGAN SEVERSEPTEMBER 29, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Hardy and Hicks flung the huge marrow bones with which they happened to be engaged at the time.HUNTING THE LIONSR.M. BALLANTYNE
He knew it was a handkerchief, and smiled inwardly as he wondered what Tom Hardy would say if he could see him now.THE CROMPTONSMARY J. HOLMES
Even the hardy Mohammedan was haggard and spent, and his oblique eyes glowed like the red embers of a dying fire.THE RED YEARLOUIS TRACY
It was more than three years since Tom Hardy's letter had thrown him into a chill, and everything as yet was quiet.THE CROMPTONSMARY J. HOLMES
She, Anne herself, was as strong as a horse and had never been ill in her life, but others were not quite so hardy.THE JOYOUS ADVENTURES OF ARISTIDE PUJOLWILLIAM J. LOCKE


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