hand-to-mouth existence

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On this page you'll find 7 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to hand-to-mouth existence, such as: bare existence, breadline, mere existence, pauperism, poverty trap, and subsistence level.

How to use hand-to-mouth existence in a sentence

  • There followed three similar years of a hand-to-mouth existence, the privations of which he endured in silence.

    David Dunne | Belle Kanaris Maniates
  • It was certainly a hand-to-mouth existence so far as the daily manna was concerned.

    Quiet Talks on Power | S.D. Gordon
  • For the poor ryot it is a miserable hand-to-mouth existence when crops are poor.

  • Room 39, where they lived a sort of hand-to-mouth existence, was always untidy and always noisy.

    The Escaping Club | A. J. Evans
  • In spite of the enthusiasm of the conductor and the skill and talent of the orchestra, the society led a hand-to-mouth existence.

    Musical Memories | Camille Saint-Sans

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